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Order Management , Warehouse Management , Shipping Management, Real Time Inventory and Purchasing Management

The Speed of today's market

Current legacy systems make it difficult for businesses to adapt at the speed and complexity of today’s market.   

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“We see a strong connection between our market growth and technologies we have at Moroccanoil.  The flexibility of goods enables us to open new logistics  locations . . . .

Shahar Pelach | COO
Industry: Luxury beauty

Plug & Play Integrations

Integrate with your business applications and ecommerce tools in a few clicks

B2B complexity

EDI Free

With Goods, you can easily streamline your B2B commerce logistics from end to end, meet SLAs, and delight customers. Get the functionality and flexibility you need to fuel B2B commerce including built-in EDI and predefined rules for large retailer SLAs.

Manage your Logistics in one platform

Ditch the complexity of juggling multiple systems. Goods unifies your E-commerce logistics, giving you real time visibility,  so you can make smarter decisions and deliver exceptional customer service.

Deliver on your promise every time

Transform your slow, manual fulfillment operation into a real time, agile environment that’s built for speed. Fulfill orders faster with fewer errors, and always know where you stand with every order.

Get complete control of your Inventory

Goods combines simplicity with advanced enterprise features to give you complete control and flexibility. Customize any workflow to fit your needs. Manage matrix SKUs and product versions, set inventory and customer attributes, and more..

Everything you need for End-to-End Logistics

Track, manage, and process orders and returns from all your sales channels in one place.

Plan and manage supply and demand material requirements across channels, warehouses, and the entire supply chain, in real-time.

Scale your order fulfillment with optimized digital pick lists, proven workflows, and automated packing rules based on unit measurements and SLA.

Streamline your billing process to fit your needs. Bill immediately or only once orders are fulfilled to avoid refunds.

Monitor and control your inventory in real time across channels and warehouses. Automatically route orders for best fulfillment.

Track, manage purchase process – purchase quotation, purchase orders, receipts and vendor returns.

Allocate your current and inbound inventory between orders, channels, warehouses, and stores. Replenishment tasks are generated automatically.

Ship customer orders from any sales channel, using any shipping provider, and provide them with tracking visibility, once their order has shipped.

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Get fulfillment right every time with real-time visibility, actionable insights and automated actions